Reclaim your furniture!

You’re about to fall in love with this gorgeous paint line! Mango Paint is specifically designed to restyle furniture and create a velvety soft, shabby chic or french Provence look. This paint line imparts a beautiful soft matte finish that is incredibly smooth to the touch! Formerly known as ‘van Gogh Fossil Paint’, we are excited to have given this wonderful paint a whole new look! It is the same amazing paint you have loved for years with a fresh new name, look and colour palette!
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Gorgeous paint with a velvety smooth finish!

With minimal prep work required, you can breeze right through to the fun part! Whether you want to update a piece you’ve had for years with a new colour or take that second-hand find and turn it into a work of art, Mango Paint makes it easy! Enjoy selecting from our gorgeous palette of colours to transform your next piece! The recommended prep work is ‘scuff, scuff, that’s enough’ – how easy is that?! This Canadian made paint is also eco-friendly which means you can go ahead and paint your dining room furniture right in the dining room! Dreaming of a distressed look? This is where Mango Paint really shines! After painting your piece, a light sanding overall will give you an incredibly soft, velvety smooth feel – sand a little more on your edges and details to see how beautifully this paint distresses! Apply our natural beeswax finish or super durable ‘table top finish’ to seal your masterpiece and stand back to admire your reclaimed work!