Wondering – why become a Mango Paint Retailer?

Customers love Mango Paint because it is incredibly forgiving and can be used on a multitude of surfaces – of course we know it’s great for painting furniture, but did you know it’s also great for adding style to materials such as pillow cases, curtains, woven baskets or upholstered chairs?

Thinking of reclaiming kitchen or bathroom cupboards – Mango Paint can do that! Water down your Mango Paint to create a stain like effect on raw wood projects! Or, rough up your metal surfaces and apply Mango Paint for a new look on hardware, lamp bases & decorative accents.

DIY projects make people happy!

And personally I like to spread happiness around like confetti . . .

On a more serious note – Mango Paint is a fantastic product!

It’s really that simple.

Mango Paint is not new to the market, it has been tried, tested and loved!

 My own vintage furniture studio (Mango Reclaimed), has been reclaiming furniture with this paint line since 2013.

What’s changed? Definitely not the paint (because we love it just the way it is)!

What has changed though is the name, the brand, the colour palette, and the support and enthusiasm that backs it all!

We also have great accessory products available to our Mango Paint Retailers, including our incredible hand-made Natural Beeswax Finishes – these are unlike any other on the market and are incredibly easy to apply! 

To compliment our paint and finishes, we have paint brushes, wax brushes, paint paddles, aprons, paint can openers, colour swatch brochures, how-to guides, true colour brochures, paint rollers and trays . . . and more!


Diversify your business!  Having a diverse product range enables you to meet the creative needs of more customers.

We love sending customers to your store!

The Mango Paint brand is regularly and professionally promoted through our website and social media channels. Look for Mango Paint on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest & YouTube. Many more exciting collaborations and promotional efforts are always underway!

We love to promote the shops and studios that retail our products! We do so by hosting their business information on our website. We also regularly share any social media posts / blog posts or videos that our retailers share – to help drive customers back to them.

Join our team!

I can’t wait for you and your customers to try Mango Paint!