The Mango Paint story . . .

The story of Mango Paint for me began back in 2002 when I first began painting furniture. My boyfriend (who used to lovingly call me Mango), and I had just gotten our first apartment downtown Toronto as we were both attending University there – and we could NOT afford to make our apartment look the way we wanted, lol! We wanted nice things, but could only afford school books and groceries . . . enter a second-hand set of bedside tables and quart of white paint and I was hooked! We spent years together making apartments and eventually a house into a home through paint and DIY. Enjoying every minute.

 . . .

Then suddenly, in 2011 my husband died. I was pregnant with our first child at the time.

Completely devastated, I sold our home, left my job and moved back home with my parents. I had a baby on the way and needed serious emotional support.

After a long time grieving and learning how to be a mother I began growing ideas on how to move forward. I had always been a creative spirit and reclaiming furniture continued to make me happy so I decided to jump in and begin a new journey for myself. I had nothing to lose.

 I loved taking something old and discarded and giving it a new life.

I spent my time reclaiming furniture while reclaiming my life. 

In 2013 I opened a vintage furniture studio called Mango Reclaimed. Since then our studio has custom restyled over 4,000 pieces of furniture, reclaimed and sold too many treasures to count, taught an extensive amount of painting workshops and have helped infinite number of lovely customers to complete their own DIY projects.

The very first paint line I brought into my studio was van Gogh Fossil paint. I LOVED this paint so much because it was so easy to use and had the most incredible finish! It was a Canadian made, low VOC, eco friendly, water based paint that made reclaiming furniture with professional results super easy! It also distressed really well and had the softest feeling finish of any paint I had ever tried!

In 2019 the van Gogh Paint line owner was considering retirement and reached out to ask if I would like to take over? Having loved this incredible paint for so many years – heck yes I did!

With a new name, new brand, an updated colour palette and backed with enthusiasm and a true love for this product – I am so proud to continue offering Mango Paint to customers and retailers across North America so they too can share the feeling of reclaiming!

Melanie Curley CEO of Mango Paint holding a paint covered brush in front of her smiling face
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Collection of van Gogh Fossil paint cans surrounding the feet of Melanie Curley CEO of Mango Paint