We love supporting our creative, inspiring & hard working Mango Paint Retailers!

Here are just some of the ways we do it:

We love to promote you, your store/studio and any projects you’re working on through our social media channels!

We list all of our retailers on our website so that customers can easily find out where you are! We love connecting customers with their closest retailer to ensure they get the attention and care they deserve!

We know you work hard to bring customers to your store – which is why we work hard to ensure that no two retailers are in the same town. We know that you take your retail territory seriously, and that’s why we do too!

Regular e-mail correspondence ensures you are up to date with new products, techniques and exciting Mango Paint news!

We provide training videos, & brochures as well as offer one on one support to help to ensure you have the resources you need to answer any Mango Paint question that comes your way!